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Business process outsourcing for accounting, also referred to as outsourced accounting or even outsourced accounting and back office management, allows your company to transfer all accounting duties to a third-party accounting firm so that you can focus on your core business operations.

Outsourced accounting and back office management saves business owners and their team time, energy, and money. Plus, when you choose a quality accounting firm to partner with, it ensures that your company will receive accurate accounting and back-office services from a skilled team of financially focused professionals, including CPAs, bookkeepers, controllers, CFOs, and others.

Through accounting-related business process outsourcing from a skilled team, you can benefit from:

Before you start receiving your services, though, it’s imperative to establish a good relationship with your CPA or bookkeeper. It’s important to create a foundation of trust that both of you can build off of.

So, how can you establish that relationship and optimize the service you receive from your outsourced accounting firm? Here are a few tips to get the most out of your services:

Tip #1: Be Upfront About What You Expect and Need

When partnering with an outsourced accountant or accounting firm, you will first go through an assessment period where you and your accountant will evaluate your needs and share a solid understanding of your current accounting and back office processes. That way, they can deliver the exact services your business needs to further thrive.

During this period, it’s important to be straightforward about what you need and want from your accounting services. If you are interested in simplifying your back office processes, hoping to make improvements to your profit margins, or are interested in changing anything that is currently occurring, be clear about your goals. Your accountant will implement the changes necessary or provide the guidance you need to achieve whatever goals you have set.

It’s also important to be honest about your books. If they are in bad shape or aren’t where they need to be, your accountant needs to know exactly what the state of your books is so they can implement the processes to move things in a better direction.

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Tip #2: Maintain Communication With Your Accountant and Stay in the Know

In addition to creating a foundation of honesty and trust with your outsourced accountant, it’s crucial to build on that relationship by maintaining communication, providing feedback, and listening to the information they convey. It’s also essential to remain up to date and in the know about your finances, books, and all things related to your back office.

Outsourced accounting clears your schedule and to-do list significantly, but that does not mean you should become completely hands-off with your financial tasks or details. You need to stay involved in the conversation by maintaining communication with your accountant so that you’ll continue to have complete visibility of your operations at all times.

Tip #3: Combine Outsourced Accounting Services With Strategy

There’s receiving help with your accounting, bookkeeping, bill pay, payroll, and tax planning. Then there’s receiving it along with beneficial, strategy-focused business advisory services. When you partner with a remote firm that also provides business advisory services, you are setting yourself up for success by gaining deeper insights and having space to talk through ideas or concerns with someone who knows your financial state from front to back.

Through routine business advisory meetings, your accountant will be able to talk through the current state of your books, provide clearer financial forecasting, help you think through the financial side of certain business decisions, and offer advice to help you increase your figures and further grow your business. Your accountant/advisor is strategically focused on seeing your business flourish, so stay engaged in the conversation and listen to the insights they provide.

If you’re ready to get the most out of your business process outsourcing for accounting, partner with the team that offers everything from remote bookkeeping to business advisory services: partner with ClaytonCarter.

Cristen Carter is a CPA and business advisor with over 30 years of experience serving clients in Georgia. Her firm offers outsourced accounting services and strategic business advisory services that help companies evaluate, improve, and grow their business further. Let Cristen and her team monitor your finances and provide valuable advice designed to improve processes and boost your finances. Contact our team today to change how you do accounting at your business! (478) 621-4145

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