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For clients looking for a more personalized approach to financial services, advising has become an increasingly popular offering among accounting firms. As an advisor, a CPA can serve as a valuable resource and provide personalized assistance and guidance to business owners to help them reach their goals.

It is important to remember that advisory services will not be the same for every client. Preparing for an advising appointment might be a bit different from a typical meeting with your accountant.

These are some things you should aim to do during your advisory services so you can get the most from your appointment.

Communicate Your Goals to Your Advisor

When it comes to your business’s finances, communication is key. It will be difficult for your advisor to provide helpful insight if they do not know what you are looking to achieve. Make your short- and long-term goals clear with your advisor. If you have any doubts about your future, let them know that, too. Your advisor will use this information to help you optimize your financial and operational plans for your business.

Be Honest with Your Advisor

While it can be relieving to turn to an advisor, it can also be nerve-wracking, especially if you are used to handling your own finances. Being a Certified Public Accountant, your advisor will have a lot of financial knowledge and be able to provide an unbiases analysis of your financial habits. However, your advisor cannot help you unless you are 100% honest with them, so don’t hold back. If you have any problems and are hesitant to tell your advisor about it, talk to them anyway. Chances are, they know how to solve it.

Listen to Your Advisor’s Advice

You may not be used to receiving other people’s advice, especially if you are a business owner frequently making your own decisions. However, when discussing your business with your advisor, keep in mind that they are analyzing your business for your financial and organizational benefit, and they are an expert in this area.

In the end, the decision is yours. Your advisor may try to point you in a certain direction, but it is up to you to take their advice.

At ClaytonCarter CPA, we offer advising services to help you with the ins and outs of running a business. We provide next-level expertise, and our methods will help you gain confidence in your finances.

Do you want to get the most out of your accountant? ClaytonCarter CPA can provide advisory services to personalize your experience and improve your business.

Cristen Carter is a CPA and tax partner who can provide advising services to help you make important financial and business decisions. Contact ClaytonCarter’s office today: (478) 621-4145